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  1. zoiaedu@zoiaeliseyeva.com
  2. Master Degree in Educational Counseling (CA, USA, 2002)
  3. Bachelor Degree in English (USSR, 1989)
  4. Native Russian speaker
  5. I have studied Spanish since 2002 in California, USA.  I teach Beginning Spanish in my community with my textbook that is available on Amazon/Kindle, and I tutor ENG-SPA-RUS
  6. I teach English for immigrants and Russian for those who are interested (I taught 2003-2011 at Community Ed Dept. Saturday classes at MtSAC (Walnut,CA) and Citrus College in Glendora - Beginning Russian Course with own my textbook especially compiled for that Beginner's course)
  7. Private tutoring of Russian for English/Spanish speakers; English for all immigrants (20 years of teaching experience); Spanish for all interested
  8. All kinds of certified translations (documents, diplomas, educational transcripts, etc...)
  9. Consulting on educational adjustment of immigrants to USA system of education
  10. Consulting on Russian-American marriages 
  11. My first sincere, humorous, and informative book in Russian language 'A Girl from state California' is about cross-cultural differences during my 1st American marriage of 9 years (the Electronic Version of the book is available on Kindle). The physical book is available on Amazon. Parts 2 and 3 of the same title are also available on Kindle and Amazon.
  12. I have a few bilingial (ENG-RUS), 2 trilingual (ENG-SPAN-RUS), and 1 four-languages (FRE-SPA-ENG-RUS) books based on classical literature, as well as a self-publishing guide in English language. Check Amazon/Kindle for Zoia Eliseyeva. Eliseyeva is my maiden last name after the divorce in December 2014.
  13. Please visit my UTube channel "zoiacalifornia". It is a trilingual educational channel (languages, grammar, stories' narration, and songs). It is also an advocate channel for Consumer Rights and fighting other kinds of fraud or injustice.
  14. Personal: Divorced, No Children.
  15. Tutoring via SKYPE. Please email to zoiaedu@zoiaeliseyeva.com to arrange your free 20-minute lesson of SPANISH, RUSSIAN, or ESL (English as a Second Language).  Thank you for your interest in my professionalism. No solicitation please.
  16. Thank you for visiting and subscribing to my public channels including my trilingual/multilingual channel UTube "zoiacalifornia"!


  1. All services are professional, affordable and fast.
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  4. Ask me about my publications/other questions: please send me an email through Google or Facebook profile or to  zoiaedu@zoiaeliseyeva.com

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